voice and piano course 2018 comments

This year’s voice and piano course was full with 6 participants all of whom came from The Netherlands although one was Russian. We were 13 people in total sleeping and eating in our house as some partners and children came too. Not to forget the three dogs who also enjoyed the working sessions as well as the walks in the woods next to the house.

“A dulcet, salutary, educative week, that sums up the seven singing days in July 2018 with Rachel Ann Morgan and her Maurice. In-depth vocal technique by Rachel Ann, lots of singing and listening, supported by the immense talent of pianist Irina Sisoyeva: it was a feast. Then to be revived by Maurice’s skilful cooking, who sustained us each time with culinary delights. Thank you very much!”  Onno

“Fantastic week that went by too fast. Learned a lot and enjoyed the support and the beautiful playing of Irina.

Wonderful atmosphere and Maurice’s culinary attentions contributed greatly to this. Thank you so much Rachel Ann!”  Robbert

Irina and Rachel Ann enjoying the roses in the garden