Comments on the 2019 voice course

a quartet is formed

“I would like to thank you and Maurice so very much for taking me onto your wonderful course. I think I have learnt a lot (especially if I get some time to sit down and write out my notes to organise the myriad of topics that we covered). It was so lovely to be waited on hand and foot with so much delicious food and wine.  Maurice was a wonderful host – everything done with such organisation and such joy and in that searing heat.”

“I have so many lovely memories from the week in July, both with you and the other participants. I have continued to practice the techniques you taught us, for me the most important have been to open up and sing the vowels in a different way. And relax the stomach when possible….”

resting in the garden in the afternoon

“Thank you and Maurice so much for having a wonderful relaxing week at your home. ”