Comments on the voice and piano course 2021

Voice and piano course at Musique à la Tour, Arnas, Beaujolais, France, July 11 – 18, 2021 with Rachel Ann Morgan and Irina Sisoyeva

“This morning I woke up with a happy feeling. I could give a sense to what I did not do well, but was especially happy with the whole week, which gave me a real boost. I will certainly continue to work on my abdominal breathing, but understand that it can only be a step at a time. You can certainly be pleased with what you have been able to achieve with the three of us and of course with Irina. Also great thanks to Maurice, who was always attentive and took care of us, together with you. Once again, thank you for everything.”

“Today I had a singing lessons. My teacher found that I had taken a definite step forward. My sound was clearer than before our week together. Thanks to the ‘moron-a’ and triangle of vowels! A new door has opened for me. I sang the Lamento in the higher key, with the nasal vowels and the French r. It went much better than at the beginning of the week, also the long soft notes. I wanted to let you know. I am very pleased with the results.”