Due to the Covid-19 Corona virus there have been cancellations to the singers’ course in July 2020. The entire course has been cancelled. There are no restrictions on singing in France. Large groups close together are prohibited. This course is for a maximum of 6 people who will stay in our own house. Travelling throughout France is now possible. The harp and voice course in August will take place as planned.

We hope to hold the next course for voice and piano in July 2021.

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Welcome to the website homepage of mezzo-soprano and harpist Rachel Ann Morgan.

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Email:  rachelann.morgan@orange.fr
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Bienvenue sur le site de mezzo-soprano et harpiste Rachel Ann Morgan. Vous y trouverez des informations en français>

Pour me contacter, veuillez envoyer un mail à                                                        rachelann.morgan@orange.fr                                                                                 ou appelez-moi en France

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Welkom op de site van mezzo en harpiste Rachel Ann Morgan. Informatie in het Nederlands vindt u op www.zanglesinfrankrijk.nl 

Als u contact met mij wilt opnemen dan kunt u een mail sturen  naar rachelann.morgan@orange.fr of mij bellen in  Frankrijk +33(0)681239470

Due to cancellations there are now places available for singers to participate in the Summer Singing course July 5-12, 2020 in France. The teachers are Rachel Ann Morgan, mezzo-soprano, and Irina Sisoyeva, pianist and vocal coach. For details please see www.rachelannmorgan.com